I am an Amsterdam based creative copywriter and content creator with a background in interior design and a small crush on fashion. Clean, minimalistic and modern are my favourite words.


2015 – 2017
Editor in chief Roomed.nl – Wayne Parker Kent
Roomed.nl is an online interior magazine about interior design with 180.000 unique visitors a month. As editor and later editor in chief, I was responsible for all content and social media. Together with my team of two editors we curated the web for news and trends. But for the most part, I spent my time creating video’s, photoshoots, visuals and commercial concepts.


2016 – present
Teacher at Artemis Academy
At Artemis Academy I teach first- and second-year students all about Trendforecasting. This course is a follow-up to the course Trendwatching. To keep an eye out on what’s happening right now is one thing, but to actually predict the future… I give my students the tools they need to observe, connect the dots and to create a trendbook. No crystal ball needed.

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